The Great Challenge - Natural Farming

The World Economic Crisis

They say that Greece is going bankrupt and that other countries in Europe and the rest of the world will follow. However, in reality, it is human relationships and our relationship with nature that have gone bankrupt.

The world economical crisis shows clearly that true wealth is not in deposits of gold, stockshares or deposits in banks. The accumulation of material things is not connected to human joy and happiness. On a natural level, real wealth is the densely forested mountains, the rivers and the lakes, the unpolluted seas and the fertile land where we can grow abundant food for all human beings. Real wealth, on a psycological level, is harmonious human relationships and relationships with other living beings.
The civilization of “Ego” destroyed nature and led humanity to the brink of the precipice. When human beings will become humble, without knowledge, without desire and without belongings, then all human problems will be solved at once. The world economical crisis is a great challenge to change our lifestyle and to build a new culture, the natural culture where all human action will be at the service of nature and therefore humanity as well.

On the context of the efforts to promote self-sufficiency on food level, the Natural Farming Center organises together with other people in Greece and abroad free workshops for the establishment of vegetable gardens and natural farms with the natural farming method.

However, these workshops are not simply an opportunity for people to acquire practical knowledge for growing vegetables, grains or fruit trees. Above all is an opportunity for people to gather together, to learn how to communicate, to work together, to build beautiful human relationships doing things they love.

Panagiotis Manikis

Natural Farming Center