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Natural farms (With the method of clayballs)

There is no doubt for those, at least, who can see things clearly, that we are witnesses of a great change in the climate, which develops with a galloping rhythm.Moreover, those who do not try to cheat themselves with the idea of the “so called” periodical phenomena that take place in the life  of our planet Earth, are aware of man’s decisive responsibility for this development.

Although few human beings feel their own responsibility for what happens in our life, in our society, nevertheless, the big majority continues considering Nature as something to exploit and keeps on destroying it mercilessly.

In the name of empty words, such as progress and development, we practically destroy not only the present but also the future of next generations.Violence, terrorism, wars, famine, social injustice, poverty on a social level and pollution, deforestation, desertification, drought, scarcity of water on a material level, not only we have not found their solutions but they deteriorate more and more.

And us, the great majority, passive viewers of what happens, shaking off any sense of personal responsibility and having forgotten the divine seed within us, we are looking for new saviors or we are spending our life desiring pleasure from the narration of conspiracies or catastrophologies that are so many on the internet and elsewhere.

It is obvious that we are in need of action the soonest possible starting with the awareness of our responsibility for what happens in our society and in Nature and understanding the reasons that led us to this gloomy reality that we live in.

In his last book “The Revolution of God, Man and Nature”, Fukuoka characteristically writes:

Man needs to return to nature and live there with faith in the life of nature.

When man is alienated  from nature and takes his own way, the source of life and joy dries up and the only thing left to him is self-destruction.

In reference to this, man’s joy and happiness is not something he has to seek for and find outside of himself but surely, will be found within himself through self-awareness.In all times, there is no other way for man but to live wholeheartedly sharing God’s providence and striving to understand the absolute truth.This means participation in God’s work which is nature.

The joy and happiness of this world as well as truth, good and beauty cannot be found in the direction human beings look for.They have been perfected in the original path within nature.Bodily health, freedom of the spirit and material abundance all exist within the palm of his hands.”

In December of 2017 we started working together with other people for the establishment of natural farms, with the method of clayballs in the island of Crete.At the seeding realised at Vrises Kidonias in Chania, more than 60 people participated.We made clayballs with a cement mixer and by hand.We used seeds and kernels of a variety of fruit trees (peaches, apricots,  plums, almonds) as well as seeds of grains (rye, barley), green manure plants ( fodder peas and broad beans, vetch, alfalfa, Egyptian clover), vegetables (swiss chard, rocket, chicory, spinach).The results were positive and the ground was covered with fodder peas and broad beans, vetch, alfalfa, clover, rocket while white almond trees and apricot trees started germinating and growing (See photos).The seeding was repeated next year and will be repeated autumn of this year.

From this year onwards, the seedings will be more systematic and the new ones will take place  at a farm of 2 hectares in Nafplio and another one (half an hectare) in Patra.They will be repeated for three successive years and the photos of the results will be on our site and on FaceBook.

In order to realize these seedings we need a good amount of seeds with a particular emphasis on seeds of drought-resistant varieties of plants and trees.

We consider of utmost importance the sharing of the information so that people from other parts of the world can also try and organize similar seedings for the establishment of natural farms.

Everyone can contribute for the realization of these seedings collecting seeds from the fruits we eat.The kernels and the seeds from peaches, apricots, plums, wild plums, apples, pears, grapes etc. can be washed, dried in the shade and stored in paper bags.It is more convenient to put the big kernels separately from the smaller seeds.Then, they can be sent to the mail address that will be announced in the future.

Nevertheless, it is very important to understand that it is not enough to focus only on establishing natural farms but to work also on the revegetation of the barren hills and mountains, the greening of the deserts.

Let us offer as many seeds as possible to Mother Earth and we should be sure that She will give us back as always with infinite generosity.

Let us keep this beautiful planet of ours alive.We give it to our children, our grandchildren, to the future generations.