Making Clayballs Process - Natural Farming

The photos are from the clayballs’ workshop that took place in September of 2019 at Yannis’ and Maria’s farm in Lagonissi, Attika, Greece.

Grains along with vegetable seeds and legumes, seeds of manure plants, fruits and other trees go into the mix of clayballs

Sifting the soil to get rid of small stones and make it thinner

Mixing the seeds and the soil with coconut fiber

Adding water to the mix

Kneading of the mass that is created

Preparing larger quantities of clayballs’ mass faster is easy using our feet!

A big chunk of the mass is ready to be prepared into clayballs by hand

Clayballs made by hand ready to be dried

The “sausages” that we prepare by hand are then cut into “discs”
In this case a DIY “cutter” has been used to cut them into the shape of discs

The sun and the breeze help with the drying of the clayballs

A cement mixer is used to prepare a lot of smaller clayballs

The excellent photos are of Mariana Bolano, who participated in the workshop and of Gerasimos Mavris, who is a friend of natural farming