Croatia: A new door opens for Natural Farming - Natural Farming

Croatia: A new door opens for Natural Farming

September 2019

Back to Greece after a three-week tour in Croatia.A journey that gave us the opportunity  to meet new people, young at age or at heart, or at both, to visit different farms, to hold two-day and four-day practical seminars in Rijeka, in Split and in Zagreb, to give lectures and interviews and most of all, to build human relationships.

Hundreds of people participated in the seminars, a lot of people also at the lectures.Joy, enthusiasm and emotion were evident during these events.

It is obvious though, that we need to support the people who will start creating natural farms in the wider area of Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.That’s why we deemed it necessary to have a second tour in Croatia next spring.This time there will more emphasis given on the practical side of the creation of natural farms and vegetable gardens, which will inspire even more people and will be a practical proof of the truth of the philosophy and practice of natural farming.

Along with Gerasimos and the people in Croatia we sowed and gave Mother Earth plenty of seeds.The rest is up to Nature.

We returned to Greece definitely richer, because we made new human relationships.For us, the real wealth is relationships between people and all the creatures of Nature.