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Natural Farming Center

The Natural Farming Center was founded by a group of volunteers in the summer of 1999 and is located in Klissohori, 2 km to the north of Edessa in Northern Greece.
     Goals of the Natural Farming Center

The establishment of natural farms and vegetable gardens in Greece and other countries.

Seedings for the revegetation of the barren mountains and deserts.

Practical training of first and second degree students in the context of environmental education.

Collecting seeds that can be used for the various seeding activities.

The revegetating efforts in Greece started in 1993 from a small group of volunteers and up to 1998 seedings were realized over small areas with positive results. Then in 1998 they were organized the largest ever seedings on this planet over a 10000 hectares area. More than a hundred (100) tons of seedballs were sown over the mountains surrounding Lake Vegoritis and about 3.000 volunteers participated from different countries of the world. Fukuoka himself participated in those two seedings in March and October. The results were very poor due mainly to the fact that the area was heavily grazed by the sheep and goats. In 1999 and 2000 the volunteers organized seedings over an area of 1000 hectares on mountain Pekilon in western Athens with very good results.

The seeding activities continue up today the last one being in eastern Athens on the mountains of Keratea. The results are very encouraging.

Seedings have been realized also in Portugal, Italy, Spain, India (with the initiative of the Prime Minister Raman Rao) and recently in Argentina.

The Natural Farming Center organizes panhellenic and international meetings as well as educational practical programmes that more people will be trained on the methods and techniques of Natural Farming.

Panos Manikis, a natural farmer and student of Masanobu Fukuoka, is in charge of the Center.

Mail address:

Natural Farming Center

Panos Manikis

P.O. Box 139

58200 Klissohori, Edessa



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